About Me

Hello “My name is Anita, and I Break the Chains of Dyslexia”Anita copy

I‘m PASSIONATE about helping children, teenagers, young adults and adults fulfill their potential by overcoming the challenges, and embracing the gift, of being dyslexic.

I am a qualified Personal Performance Coach , Youth Impact Coach and an NLP Master Practitioner.  I’m also dyslexic by overcoming the challenges, and embracing the gift, of being dyslexic. , although I didn’t find out until I was 35 years old.

I lived my early life thinking something was “wrong” with me.  No one identified the reason why I couldn’t understand the basic structure of words and had such problems with reading and writing.

No child should have to live with that confusion, maybe blame themselves or give up on themselves because they think they’re educationally below par and won’t amount to anything.

It’s a CRIME that dyslexia in children can go undetected for years if there’s no one about to recognise the true root cause of a child’s slow progress in reading, writing and spelling.

Most schools just aren’t set up for teaching children with dyslexia.  It makes me ANGRY that the school budget often doesn’t include funding for even giving children a test for dyslexia.

So kids can go through their whole childhood bewildered by their lack of progress and often find themselves labelled “stupid” or “lazy” by their peers and teachers alike.  I know how that feels, and I know how isolating it can be to be perceived as “different”.

I also know how frustrated and angry you can get when no one recognises or understands what your problem is, why you just don’t “get it” – and how it’s so not your fault!

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