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Are you or someone you love Dyslexic like me? Embarrassed in social situations and made to feel stupid. Maybe you feel alone and scared maybe you are even bulled. Are your ready to break these chains forever? – if so then this is for you.

“Six Simple Keys to Break the Chains of Dyslexia without going crazy by overcoming the challenges and embracing your gift”

I‘m Anita and I’m PASSIONATE about helping children, teenagers and adults fulfill their potential by overcoming their challenges, and embracing the gift, of being dyslexic. Now I want to share what I’ve learnt with you.

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I read my first book aged 35 years old – (my dyslexia wasn’t recognised until earlier that year). I’d been through hell during my school years. Even though I did try hard, I had no chance because I lacked the basic structure for spelling, reading and writing. I had no idea what was wrong with me, and no one picked up on the fact I suffered from dyslexia.

Now I want to share the techniques and learning s that will allow you to  break the chains of dyslexia forever.

Tune in Tuesday and you will discover

• How to Embrace and Refining Dyslexia

• The Six Simple Keys to break the chains of Dyslexia

• How to recognise the strengths that our way of thinking has

• Strategies that you can use NOW to make life easier

• Famous dyslexics an what they have achieved


“See “ you Tuesday night

Love to you

Anita xx

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