When They Said I Had Dyslexia I Wrote A Book

And You Can Break The Chains Of Dyslexia Too!
Let me show you how...

Hi, I’m Anita and I am Dyslexic. I am also a Coach and Trainer.

I have developed a unique 3 Step System
to help you Break the Chains of Dyslexia

Many children and adults with dyslexia tell me about feelings of anger and frustration, of low self-esteem and sadness, of being fearful and afraid.

Some parents have told me that their children, at times, say they don’t want to go out to play any more. That they no longer enjoy school, or playing, or having fun with friends, no longer enjoy the freedom and delight of childhood.

Adults alike have told me of their times of desperation and difficulties building up over time, have negative beliefs and the impact on self-image leading to low self esteem and a drop in confidence. Feeling dumb and misunderstood. Their frustration having a negative impact in their home life and careers.

I know how hard it is for any person to witness these difficulties, to experience the impact on your family, to feel the pain that the dyslexic is going through.

But these feelings, this experience can be changed.

Things can be different. You are on this website so I already know that you are committed to working with your child or yourself to make that so.

Conquering my own challenges has changed my life forever. And now I work with others so they can be Happier, More Fulfilled and Less Stressed too.

You can start helping yourself today…

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With Love,

Signed Anita Mattu