Sir Richard Branson is grateful he’s Dyslexic.

Sir Richard Branson has revealed he’s actually grateful he has the condition dyslexia.

Branson was talking to his daughter Holly on stage at the UK’s first ever We Day.

Holly asked her father about how having dyslexia affected his childhood.

Branson replied that, although it had been tough,

the condition had had its compensations in his working life.

“Dyslexia was tough. Not being very good at school is very tough, ” he said.

“What I learnt is to concentrate on the things I was good at,

do my best at the other stuff, but really excel at the things I could do.

“Since I’ve left school, dyslexia’s actually helped me.

I’ve surrounded myself with wonderful people and become a delegator.”

Updated: March 11, 2014 — 11:42 am
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