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My dyslexia coaching session was educational, insightful and interesting.
Anita is very knowledgable and supportive. I found her personal shares to be relevant, encouraging and the session was well paced.
I have a lot more understanding of dyslexia, specific problem areas and my learning challenges. We've identified strategies and Anita has suggested specific tools and practises to address and work with my particular learning needs.
The coaching session has been invaluable time spent, giving me greater clarity and confidence in my learning abilities...something l've always battled and stressed through. Now the ball's in my court to practise with.
If you have, or think you might have dyslexia, l cannot recommend coaching with Anita Mattu highly enough.
Nyali  Muir


Your first step to breaking the Chains of Dyslexia is a great help to me. I have a son who has learning difference. Your suggestions on how to understand him were a big deal. All mothers like to nag a naughty son, it's their duty aren't they. But your suggestions make my son get lesser nag. I think he will also thanks you. I am sure I will tell him about you and your book.
We are far for distance but near in a common interest. If the world doesn't has people like you, we, the mothers will be in a bit trouble. Of course we have our way but it will be different with the profession for definitely. I salute you for this.
Doing a thing, a first step is important. Great Job was done and your next steps will be also Blessed.
Big Thanks to you. Hugs!
Best Regards,
Angeline Thet Thet Htun
A Mom from Myanmar (formally known as Burma)

My family and I attended Anita Mattu's Breaking the chains of Dyslexia day. We found it very interesting and fascinating , so much so we booked the Family Breakthrough session.
We discovered there are many aspects/areas to dyslexia. We found there are ways you can help yourself with the techniques we were shown. For example, I find it uncomfortable and intimidating when talking to people in authority. But the session tought me how to "ground myself" this has made things so much easier for me such as talking to my sons teachers. It gave me confidence in areas I used to lack.
I also work in a school so some of the things have come in very useful in how I can deal with the children.
My son also benifit from the session even though he is not dyslexic. He found it very enlightening and feels confident that he can help his cousin and his friend who have dyslexia. It also gave him confidence as he is very shy.
We loved the fact that Anita understood what she was talking about with confidence, understanding and passion as she herself is dyslexic.
Anita has given both my son and I more confidence to deal with situations we didn't feel comfortable in.
I would highly recommend the Breakthrough session to anyone, even if they are not dyslexic as it can only enrich your knowledge and give people a better understanding of dyslexia.
I would also like to say "I can't believe what Anita tought us isn't being tought in schools". Our children have to deal with many things in school, but if they have problems with learning then these things are even more difficult than usual.
I would like to add I am 44 years old and my son konna is 10, so the fact that these sessions are called Family Breakthrough are just that! Anita has the ability to teach, understand, communicate and build confidence with all agegroups, which is an art in itself.
With thanks to Anita we have more confidence and can now pass that onto others.

Kim Spencer

After attending one of Anita"s Dyslexia Events I did not hesitate to book on the Family Breakthrough Session. My son Oliver aged 7, was only getting 1 out of 7 spelling correct in school and now as a result of attending the Family Breakthrough Session is getting 7 out of 7 spelling correct, thats just brilliant and doing so much better at school.
My daughter Abigail aged 13 confidences has grown and is more focused on what she is able to do now and not what she can't, this has given her the belief and motivation to try new things and achieve them.
Being a parent I would recommend Anita work to all and to school as it works.
Thank you Anita for your support.

Claire Wileman.

I have always had difficulties with reading and understanding long words, however was not aware this may be a sign of dyslexia until attending Anita’s dyslexia awareness event. I attended this event because a friend had encouraged me to do so, and was surprised by the information and knowledge I gained not only about dyslexia but also about myself. From this event I learned of the Read System and was interested to find out more.

On the day I spoke to Anita about discussing matters one to one, as I was currently pursuing my dissertation writing and was in need of some help/ support. During the initial conversation I discussed what I wanted and needed help with, Anita was very supportive and knowledgeable, she not only told me how she could be of help and the services she could provide, but also provided me information on how else I may be able to get support. This made me take up her services as I was sure she wanted to help me and really did want me to achieve my goals.
While undertaking the coaching sessions I managed to complete my dissertation write up and also built up confidence in myself. Having fully understood the Read System I now feel I am capable to pick up any book, journal or newspaper and pick out the key points and explain the data to another person. This is my greatest achievement as it will benefit me when I go onto pursue a Masters, and develop my career. I also discovered how I work, learn and think and am able to use this to my advantage, which has given me the confidence to take a piece of work, look at the brief and not feel like I want to run and hide!
I would recommend Anita to anyone who is in need of support and guidance not only in work but all areas of their life, as the experience has developed me as a person. Not only this but Anita’s ability to provide compassion and encouragement throughout the most difficult of times was absolutely wonderful and she can be relied upon no matter what the time.
Thank you for everything!
L.S. – aged 21

I went to Anita's dyslexia workshop with my son. We found how effective Anita's "read system" is with the 4 colour pen works. Also how the word bed as made a difference in son’s recognizing the way the letters b and d are faced. He now feels he is special having Dyslexia after understanding the gifts and advantages it has and that's allowed his confidence to grow. I would recommend Anita's workshops for all that are dyslexic.
Thank you
S and T

I booked on the workshop as I saw it advertised in the school that I work at and
I thought it would be great to hear ,learn and get feedback from people who also have dyslexia and families effected, like my daughter but also get some knowledge and understanding so I can support my daughter and those children that I may work with.
I found the course very informative and both Alyx ( my 10 year old daughter) and myself came away encouraged and enthused to try put ideas and strategies learnt into practice.
Alyx enjoyed Anita’s spelling workshop, to the point that on the way home we went to buy balloons and post it notes.
Its given Alyx encouragement, enthused her to try/give it a go even if its a struggle and not to get stressed if it takes time and she is not right first time, regarding reading and writing at home and school.
I have recommended it to people and will continue too.
More hands on workshops for kids, like spelling balloon activity as kids could see results and encouraged that they could achieve,
Your doing a grand job
Thank you
Rachel and Alyx


I’m 52 years old and recently been assessed and told I have dyslexia. It was a relief to have an answer for my struggles. While in many ways I have achieved a lot I’ve always considered myself a failure. The failure part is the side that can’t add up, finds difficulty remembering and experiences an enormous difficulty expressing myself.

Tired of the constant battle with low self-esteem I sought Anita’s help to assist me to feel better about myself. Her approach using techniques such as NLP and visualisation is gentle and illuminating. I am not hot on doing homework for obvious reasons but I felt encouraged to do it and to consolidate what I’d learnt during each session. Planning ahead was a good way of empowering me to take control of what I wanted from the sessions.

As a result of my coaching experience, I have learnt to like and understand the side of me that is the ‘trouble’ causer for without it I wouldn’t be half as creative, nor inventive. Consequently, I feel better about myself, as a joined-up person, thanks to Anita’s  professional coaching and guidance.



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